Hello, hello Penelope, Penelope.

I start school on September 8th. I am going into my third year of fashion communications at Ryerson (3/4).

On September 9th I will be camera hunting.

I have spent most of my time without my ipod, without a tablet or a stable place to live for two weeks now. Tomorrow I am settling in for good in Toronto. I have a very cute apartment with an alley way entrance that I fully intend on vandalizing. Aha!

This was a small reminder that I have not forgotten about you, Penelope. I have simply been drinking too much tequila and laughing too much.

Now I will get serious. I promise.


dearilou said...

I can't wait to see what you will be creating now that you are settling. But make sure you still laugh as much, I hear it is good for the abs.


if you need a camera,
ask me,
i am selling LOTS.
p.s. keep up the good work. it's beautifully inspiring.