girl you have no faith in medicine

I suppose this one is a bit Egon Sheile inspired (at least the legs). She is leaning against an imaginary wall and sitting on imaginary steps (for the record). Enjoy 


A Nude

Most of this was done with graphic pen but the eyes and hatching were rendered by tablet!


A doll and dear

This is for Sarah of acuriousseamstress.blogspot who posted a wicked photo of an actual doll with two little toy dear...and then I fell in love and then I couldn't put my pencil down! (Photo below)



I am finally alone in my new apartment in Saskatoon for the summer. I feel like a spider because I have a lot of work to do, all on my own. I will be doing some illustrations this week and posting them hopefully by the end. I made this for my friend Shelby who just got into the Rhode Island School of Design and I am VERY proud of her. It's also a little reminder for the blog that I will be back! :)