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Miss Van and I both love pink and,

Okay. I couldn't wait any LONGER! I think, I hope, I SHOULD be Miss Van's (Vanessa Alice Bensimon) biggest fan, however I am not worthy of the title. Miss Van or, Vanessa, begun her career on the streets of Toulouse and is a famous graffiti artist and acclaimed fine artist....

Here is an article about her, as you know I am not the best with words but I do encourage you to read about her because she is a massive source of inspiration for me.

Also, a few words of her own in a recent interview, here.

Miss Van became perhaps my favourite artist when I was fifteen, in history class. I was flipping through teen vogue and I saw these jeans:

And a makeup case I think? I fell in love. I have never liked anything more feminine, except perhaps Barbie. But Miss Van is like the opposite of Barbie, I mean, her dolls are not an ideal, they shock and provoke. Not to compare but contrast... (only because we are on the topic of dolls)The idea of Barbie confines a girl's imagination of a woman to an unrealistic ideal-which I would love to stab.. with my micron #01.
I just really identify with her work, (I didn't mean to rant about Barbie*).

Another thing I would like to stab is commodity fetishism and although the above denim inspired me I would NOT purchase them. No, instead I would rather keep browsing images by Vanessa...

*However, one thing you should note is that my father aided in my 200-something collection of mid-priced Barbies, and on the rare occasion bought me a Ken doll, or two. Two. Perhaps this is why I think about women so much?


I have created a new blog: tumblr. It's a collection of my favourite more professionally rendered work. What will happen to this blog? I would like to post more inspirations as I find them that aren't necessarily mine. My tumblr will be all my work. Thanks for so much positive feed back and encouragement!!!