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Miss Van and I both love pink and,

Okay. I couldn't wait any LONGER! I think, I hope, I SHOULD be Miss Van's (Vanessa Alice Bensimon) biggest fan, however I am not worthy of the title. Miss Van or, Vanessa, begun her career on the streets of Toulouse and is a famous graffiti artist and acclaimed fine artist....

Here is an article about her, as you know I am not the best with words but I do encourage you to read about her because she is a massive source of inspiration for me.

Also, a few words of her own in a recent interview, here.

Miss Van became perhaps my favourite artist when I was fifteen, in history class. I was flipping through teen vogue and I saw these jeans:

And a makeup case I think? I fell in love. I have never liked anything more feminine, except perhaps Barbie. But Miss Van is like the opposite of Barbie, I mean, her dolls are not an ideal, they shock and provoke. Not to compare but contrast... (only because we are on the topic of dolls)The idea of Barbie confines a girl's imagination of a woman to an unrealistic ideal-which I would love to stab.. with my micron #01.
I just really identify with her work, (I didn't mean to rant about Barbie*).

Another thing I would like to stab is commodity fetishism and although the above denim inspired me I would NOT purchase them. No, instead I would rather keep browsing images by Vanessa...

*However, one thing you should note is that my father aided in my 200-something collection of mid-priced Barbies, and on the rare occasion bought me a Ken doll, or two. Two. Perhaps this is why I think about women so much?


I have created a new blog: tumblr. It's a collection of my favourite more professionally rendered work. What will happen to this blog? I would like to post more inspirations as I find them that aren't necessarily mine. My tumblr will be all my work. Thanks for so much positive feed back and encouragement!!!




these are photographs

i will post the installation soon.



my friend took photos of me! and bubble gum!


model: sam lalonde
photos, styling, makeup: rachael meckling


The New Yorker

  • Photoshop project for digital illustration (new yorker cover).. my theme was "tart fuel" and underage alcoholics.





One evening I got a call from Evan Biddell and he asked me to illustrate his costume *designs* for Pro Arte Danza which would be featured in FLARE Mag. Woo hoo!

I went to see the ballet as well!


i have this thing for courier new.



Remember her? I did not aid with this shoot at all (it's for November's Issue of Flare) but she is one of my closest friends and I think she is lovely. Look out for her.


Trapped in a Box




  • model: lexi mckenna
  • felt wig construction, make up, photo, background illustrations: rachael meckling
Our class had an hour of studio time to shoot for our art direction for photography first assignment. I later photoshopped them but the faces and hearts were illustrated on the back drop with pastel! The idea for the felt wig came from Nylon from many years ago, but it stuck in my head and I have wanted to make felts wigs for ages since. I finally figure out how to make one (or two or three)...More photos, a little more gothic, from another shoot to come.





Hello, hello Penelope, Penelope.

I start school on September 8th. I am going into my third year of fashion communications at Ryerson (3/4).

On September 9th I will be camera hunting.

I have spent most of my time without my ipod, without a tablet or a stable place to live for two weeks now. Tomorrow I am settling in for good in Toronto. I have a very cute apartment with an alley way entrance that I fully intend on vandalizing. Aha!

This was a small reminder that I have not forgotten about you, Penelope. I have simply been drinking too much tequila and laughing too much.

Now I will get serious. I promise.


At the end of today this will be apart of a ten foot billboard for Salon Hush!


A work in progress

I did this when I was out of my head one night.  I found it today and I must have completely forgotten about it because I had no idea it existed. It was in my work notebook? 

I want to do something more graphic with it and incorporate water colour (with lots of colour). Woooo



I just got the internet in my apartment! CYBER! Jk
If everything goes according to plan, I will be painting more in the next few weeks and buying a new camera at the end of the summer.  You know what that means!? Hot photos!

Friends: I am also trying to spend some much deserved time on myself as I think I was lost for a few years there.... Not to worry, I am back.  That is all!

P.S. Sorry for the lack of illustrations in this post. I feel like a bum.


girl you have no faith in medicine

I suppose this one is a bit Egon Sheile inspired (at least the legs). She is leaning against an imaginary wall and sitting on imaginary steps (for the record). Enjoy 


A Nude

Most of this was done with graphic pen but the eyes and hatching were rendered by tablet!


A doll and dear

This is for Sarah of acuriousseamstress.blogspot who posted a wicked photo of an actual doll with two little toy dear...and then I fell in love and then I couldn't put my pencil down! (Photo below)



I am finally alone in my new apartment in Saskatoon for the summer. I feel like a spider because I have a lot of work to do, all on my own. I will be doing some illustrations this week and posting them hopefully by the end. I made this for my friend Shelby who just got into the Rhode Island School of Design and I am VERY proud of her. It's also a little reminder for the blog that I will be back! :)


my profile picture

i have a lot of things to do. soon.


-all of those fashion illustrations

-two figure drawings

-one doll and deer drawing

-portrait of mt

and finally, this is a drawing from last year...


My room mate and I deciding the best way of organizing my textile project... 
Plus I just needed to post something not so serious. Apple+shift+4, Sam also told me I don't have to hold those keys down while I select...