At the end of today this will be apart of a ten foot billboard for Salon Hush!


dearilou said...


sarah said...

oh my GOD!!! thats awesome rachael!!
o loooove it. ink? some photoshopping? its really beautiful. happy friday, and let me know if you ever come to san fran!
xo s

sarah said...

p.s. the studded and anonymous bag: http://www.lagarconne.com/store/item.htm?itemid=3947&sid=179&pid=

Isabel said...

Are you serious, woman? Rach, you're a fucking star! Can't wait to see you again. :)

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Marnie said...

Dearest Rachael —

Noticed the address of your blog on Martha's facebook page. I'll post it on my page, too. I have been preparing the content of my potential blog almost forever (it feels) but I've not built up the courage to launch it and send my work out into hyper-space. Brave you, but you're so gifted. I'm touched you named it after your mama, Penny.

I knew you were a talented, multi-dimensional artist after all you created that beautiful up-do for me, holding my mass of curls in splendour for two days @ Sarah & Nate's (I like this shorter name) wedding celebrations. However, I had no idea you were taking on as large a project as a ten foot billboard!

The portion of the image we see here is exciting in a mellow way, brilliantly reminiscent of anime, while possessing, to a degree, a cooler European look For me, nothing could be more exciting in fashion then a combination of the Japanese and the French aesthetic. I hope I am explaining clearly; unfortunately fashion has never been a writing beat for me as a journalist. Anyway, I look forward to seeing your mural: Lucky Hannah and Salon Hush! Nothing better than a BIG piece of art. Congratulations! Marnie B.