Trapped in a Box




  • model: lexi mckenna
  • felt wig construction, make up, photo, background illustrations: rachael meckling
Our class had an hour of studio time to shoot for our art direction for photography first assignment. I later photoshopped them but the faces and hearts were illustrated on the back drop with pastel! The idea for the felt wig came from Nylon from many years ago, but it stuck in my head and I have wanted to make felts wigs for ages since. I finally figure out how to make one (or two or three)...More photos, a little more gothic, from another shoot to come.


nybor said...

you're so good!

dearilou said...

Very lovely. Did you get the wig idea from old Nylon issues? I think they had felt wigs in one ages ago.

rachaelme said...

ages ago, 2005 or something? totally grabbed the idea. but i made the wig myself! i made another pink one, more photos from this shoot to come!

sarah said...

she looks just like one of your illustrations! longer lashed next time, like a foot long ;)
xo s

rachaelme said...

I had big thick black ones that were shiny to catch the light. Excuse that they are not on Lexi: lack of time.

Anonymous said...

dear rach,
you are uber talented. i miss working with you! <3