LANVIN FRTW09 Illustrations-some not by choice...

From left to right:
-stickers (ew)
-water colour (my favourite)


Mackenzie Yeates said...

What the fuck rachel. You are too good

Nicole Black said...

Ah! I love it! Especially the water colour, but the sticker one is really neat too.

sarah said...

these are awesome! and i really cant wait til you start drawing the deer girl! only when you have time ;)
best of luck with exams!!
xo s

miguel taylor said...

omg your work is amazing! we should be friends

love miguel

miguel taylor said...

um i started this on december. takes me awhile to get some done hahaha! but anyway no your work is fucking fantastic! we should have a collaboration of some sort one day ahaha

x miguel

miguel taylor said...

hey just letting you know i mentioned you in my latest blog.

xx mt

miguel taylor said...

suppppp rach
hahaha i dont use facebook anymore. like ever. but if you have an msn or something


love mig