Happy Birthday Poppy

For my niece: Poppy and her 1st Birthday Hat. 
-pencil drawing
-my own photo of a poppy

The above isn't  a painting or a drawing but it IS a photo... Of a paper flower thing I made.

-pastel: pink, yellow white
-ripped pieces of magazine text
-feet edited in photoshop


Jocelyn said...

gorgeous! what are you doing with this lovely work of art now?

sarah said...

thats beautiful! would you be willing to do a post of your process? like a few different stages before glorious end result?

p.s. not sure how to add followers, not so blog savvy myself...

rachaelme said...

process wise for the Poppy illustration:
-pencil drawing of her head and body
-scanned to my comp
-brought into photoshop, erased everything but simple lines and kept the whole head
-transferred into illustrator where i add contour lines and sketchy lines for body and hat
-back to photoshop, then add layer of red but hit transparency to around I think.... 15-20%? Then erase the head part so the pencil shows through
um... and add my own photo and manipulate it so it fits on her head somewhat realistically....

other random lines on photoshop with brush tool set to about 5-7 pixels.

gha i hope that helps!

Isabel said...

Rach, you are fantastic at art!

sarah said...

damn girl thats a refined process! i'm astounded by mixed media, it looks amazing...

DEATH EYES said...


its troo